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Traumatic Brain Injury


Many years ago we did not hear all that much about Traumatic Brain Injuries. However today, we only need turn on the evening news to hear about someone sustaining such an injury.

At Jeffrey S. Wasserman, P.C., we take instances of Traumatic Brain Injury quite seriously. A Traumatic Brain Injury can be sustained in a number of ways. Although there are many instances of how a TBI can occur, most notable as a result of media coverage, are those related to sports.

Many people walk away from what they may consider to be a minor car accident, or feel satisfied when the concussion sustained from a falling object is healed. Oftentimes a Traumatic Brain Injury is not perceived right away, nor is it easily diagnosed. Sometimes symptoms do not show up for months or longer and the injured person does not connect them to the initial incident. Many times there will not be any visible symptoms manifested in the physical, but rather, emotional or psychological changes are perceived in the victim. And where your car insurance will provide coverage after a Motor Vehicle Accident, they are not prepared or liable for the long-term expenses of living with the results of a TBI.

It is also possible, even when the proper TBI diagnosis is made, you might feel that the “damage” was not all that bad and that you just have to accept it. The truth is you must protect yourself from the possible implications this might have for you in the future. Traumatic Brain Injuries can and often do have changing symptoms and worsen with time. One thing is for sure: the brain cannot heal itself from all types of injuries. A TBI will, with few exceptions, be permanent. If your doctor uses the words “Traumatic Brain Injury” you need to take action. This is when you call us.

What if you are initially able to return to work, but your condition worsens? What if you are no longer able to work? Protecting yourself and your family’s financial future can be one of the most important things you do after seeking and receiving proper medical attention.

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